Alinne Fernandes

Black and white photo of Alinne Fernandes. She has long straight brown hair with a fringe and is wearing a white t-shirt.

Cofounder & Coordinator

Alinne Balduino Pires Fernandes is Senior Lecturer at the Department of Modern Languages at the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC). She is also a translator, dramaturge, and theatre director. She is the current Coordinator of Núcleo de Estudos Irlandeses (NEI) and Vice-Director of UFSC’s Postgraduate Programme in English (PPGI-UFSC). She was a Moore Institute Visiting Fellow at the National University of Ireland Galway in 2017. Her main research interests involve: Irish and Northern Irish drama; women’s literature; radio drama; and theatre translation and creative writing as  practice-based research. Alinne welcomes both dissertation and thesis proposals related to these interests, and related areas of research.

Some of her most recent publications includes:

(Forthcoming, June 2022) ‘“An acceptable level of violence”: A Brazilian translation and digital rehearsed reading of Christina Reid’s My Name, Shall I Tell You My Name?’ (co-authored with Matias Garcez), in ‘Performing in Digital’, edited by Barry Houlihan and Catherine Morris, Research in Drama Education: The Journal of Applied Theatre and Performance, 27 (2).


(2021) ‘Patricia Brogan’s Eclipsed in Brazil: Resonances and reflections’, in Legacies of the Magdalen Laundries: Commemoration, Gender, and the Postcolonial Carceral State, edited by Miriam Haughton, Mary McAuliffe, and Emilie Pine. Manchester: Manchester University Press, p. 100-18.


(2021) ‘A legendagem do discurso da sexualidade em The Magdalene Sisters’ (co-authored with Antonia Gehin), Revista de Estudos Feministas, 29 (2): 1-14.


(2021) ‘Describing pain in Mary Raftery’s No Escape’ (co-authored with Natália Pastore and Beatriz Bastos), in ‘The world within and out there: Critical approaches to literature, cultural studies, and audiovisual narratives’, edited by Anelise Corseuil, Magali Speck, and Viviane Heberle, themed issue of Ilha do Desterro, 74 (1): 451-66.