As duas mortes de Roger Casement

As duas mortes de Roger Casement is a two-act play produced and directed by the head of São Paulo’s theatre company Cia Ludens — Domingos Nunez. The performance circulated in theatres in São Paulo and Ireland, in addiction to being part of The 13th Annual Irish Theatrical Diaspora Conference: Irish Theatre and Latin America at the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC) in 2017.

Based on the life and the factual events concerning the Irish consul Roger Casement, the production aims to present the two facets that comprehends the duality of the character’s nature: the revolutionary and separatist personality engaged in the fight for human rights in Africa and South America, and the controversy of his authenticity enlightened by the  discovery of the autobiographical documents entitled Black Diaries.

Script and Direction: Domingos Nunez

Production: Beatriz Kopschitz Bastos • Silvia Marcondes Machado

Musical Composition: Alberto Heller

Lyrics: Domingos Nunez

Musical Direction: Eliseu Paranhos

Sound Operation: Jeferson Santos

Sound Design: André Omote

Scenography and Costumes: Cassio Brasil

Production Assistance: Marcela Sanchez

Cast: Amanda Acosta • Bruno Perillo • Chico Cardoso • Eliseu Paranhos • George Passos • Kiko Pissolato • Paulo Bordhin • Taiguara Nazareth • the Pianist DemianPinto

Body Preparation: Janette Santiago

Casting Preparation: Inês Aranha

Lightining: Aline Santini

Light Board Operation: Gabriela Araújo

Room Maid: Lili Rosa

Stage Assistance: João Jullo

Photography: Leekyung Kim

On 27th April, 2017 UFSC Theatre, Florianópolis
A collaboration between Cia Ludens and the Núcleo de Estudos Irlandeses