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Presidential Distinguished Service Awards 2023

The Presidential Distinguished Service Award for the Irish Abroad is presented by the President every year. It recognises the service given to this country or to Irish communities abroad by those who live outside Ireland. Dr. Beatriz Kopschitz Xavier Bastos – Brazil Dr. Beatriz Kopschitz Xavier Bastos is co-founder and vice-coordinator of Núcleo de EstudosContinue reading “Presidential Distinguished Service Awards 2023”

Calendário NEI 2024.1

2024.1 – Terças, 10h00 18/03 – Gerry Smith (2001), book chapter: “Irish Cultural Studies and the Re-emergence of Spatial Analysis” (from Space and the Irish Cultural Imagination. https://link.springer.com/book/10.1057/9781403913678) – 23p. 15/04 – Magennis (2021), chapter “Intimacy”, from Northern Irish Writing After the Troubles: Intimacies, Affects, Pleasures (p. 15-63)  20/05 – Lucy Caldwell, Multitudes (short story collection, 2016)   17/06 – Lucy Caldwell, These Days (2022)Continue reading “Calendário NEI 2024.1”

ISTR Postgraduate Forum

The Irish Society for Theatre Research (ISTR) is hosting a forum for PhD researchers in the field of Drama, Theatre, and Performance. This online event offers participants an opportunity to receive feedback on their research from established academics. It aims to forge connections between international postgraduate researchers and to encourage discussions that lead to futureContinue reading “ISTR Postgraduate Forum”

Calendário NEI 2023.1

Tema: Disabilities 2023.1 – segundas, 16h00 20/03 – “Disability and Irish Life Writing: An Overview” (Elizabeth Grubgeld, 2020) + “Life Writing as Cultural Narrative: Rosaleen McDonagh’s Unsettled” (Grubgeld, IUR 2022); 24/04 – Unsettled (Rosaleen McDonagh, 2021); 22/05 – “Introduction: Gerontology and Its Challenges (Heather Ingman, Ageing in Irish: Strangers to Themselves, 2018, Palgrave); 26/06 – “The afternoon life”:Continue reading “Calendário NEI 2023.1”

NEI Round Tables and Digital Events

Desde 2020, com o início da pandemia do novo Coronavírus, o Núcleo de Estudos Irlandeses da UFSC passou a realizar eventos e mesas redondas virtuais para dar continuidade aos eventos que marcam as atividades do Núcleo desde sua criação. Nesta página você encontra os vídeos da V Jornada do NEI, que aconteceu em novembro deContinue reading “NEI Round Tables and Digital Events”