Calendário NEI 2023.1

Tema: Disabilities

2023.1 – segundas, 16h00

Disability and Life Writing in Post-Independence Ireland | SpringerLink
Disability and Irish Life Writing: An Overview

20/03 – “Disability and Irish Life Writing: An Overview” (Elizabeth Grubgeld, 2020) + “Life Writing as Cultural Narrative: Rosaleen McDonagh’s Unsettled” (Grubgeld, IUR 2022);

24/04 – Unsettled (Rosaleen McDonagh, 2021);

22/05 – “Introduction: Gerontology and Its Challenges (Heather Ingman, Ageing in Irish: Strangers to Themselves, 2018, Palgrave);

26/06 – “The afternoon life”: Ageing, Dementia and Dying in Deirdre Kinahan’s Halcyon Days + the play Halcyon Days, by Deirdre Kinahan.

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